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The best gift for Office lady 2019

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Most of the time office lady is sitting in front of computer sedentary and fell very stressful and tired of working. So it is helpful to spend several minutes massaging their tired feet with the Triducna shiatsu foot massager. It can make her feel relaxed and energetic.

Most of the foot massagers are with the heat on the market. There is some foot massager machine cant not customize but some can. Customize foot massage means all functions can be operated and used separately. Like below foot massager machine with 3-level of different intensities, you can adjust the intensity of kneading massage and air compression to get the exact amount of pressure. Or turn on or off any of the functions according to your needs.

Ten benefits of foot massage.

1. physical healthy;

2. prevention and treatment of neurasthenia and insomnia;

3.prevention and treatment of high blood pressure;

4. prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

5. Prevention of leg and foot numbness;

6. Prevention and treatment of diabetes;

7.prevention and treatment of colds, warm and warm;

8. beauty and weight loss;

9. Prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis;

10. eliminate fatigue, make people feel happy

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