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How to use heating pad?

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

About heating pad always has many sizes, large ones like a blanket, middle one and small one. There are still 3 settings: high heat, central heat, and low heat. The heating pad can be used at anywhere you want: shoulders, waist, back, and legs.

The heating pad is good for back pain and muscle pain. I also see some question online about does a heating pad help cramps? Will a heating pad help constipation? I am afraid the answer is no. Some people ask whether a heating pad can be used while pregnant, the answer is yes. The heating pad is good at keep you warm and relieve your pain. There is no radiation of heating pad so that everyone can benefit from it.

There is a significant thing when you use the heating massager

You need to put the plugin on the heating pad, then put the charger on. Don’t put the charger on directly. The heating pad will be damaged if you put the charger on directly.

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