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6 Benefits of Massage

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

The message is characterized by simplicity, easy to learn, safe and reliable, fast and significant, no toxic and side effects, no complicated facilities and equipment, and is not subject to environmental conditions. The wide range of indications for massage, patients are willing to accept, has always played an essential role in the field of prevention, health care, medical and rehabilitation medicine, and plays a vital role in human health.

(1)Regulate blood circulation: massage can promote blood and lymph circulation, enhance metabolism in the body, improve the nutritional status of local and systemic tissues, thereby increasing cardiac blood flow and myocardial metabolism, delaying myocardial degeneration massage can treat arrhythmia, angina, blood pressure Abnormal illness

(2) Regulating nerve function, relieving or eliminating pain: Massage external force exerted by various techniques on nerve endings or meridian points, adjusting the internal functions of the body through the effects of nerve reflex and meridian acupoints, and maintaining the relative metabolism of the human body. Balance. Massage can adjust the process of excitability and inhibition of the cerebral cortex, relieve the tension and fatigue of the brain, change the tolerance of the cerebral cortex to pain, increase the pain threshold of local tissues, reduce the regional tissue tension, and relieve the compression or stimulation of nerve endings. It has the function of swelling and relieving pain.

(3) Enhancing the body's disease resistance and improving its immune function: According to experimental observations, some non-specific immune indicators in the body may change temporarily. Massage can improve the body's immune function and have good regulation of the body's immune system. Massage can not only enhance the body's ability to adapt, but also improve disease resistance, thereby playing a role in preventing and treating diseases.

(4) Correcting the abnormal position of the bones and joints and improving the joint function: the changes in the area and structure of the bone joints caused by the movement (such as fractures, dislocations, joint locks, etc.) are restored to their original positions by massage. The inherent functional state makes it possible to achieve the effect of shaping the bone and shaping the bone. Select the appropriate massage technique to loosen the soft tissue of the adhesion, contracture, the elasticity of the ligament, and the swelling of the local fabric. The massage achieved the effect of "release the adhesion, soften the induration."

(5) Repairing wound tissue and increasing skin elasticity: The skin is the outermost layer of the mass of the human body. It protects the underlying tissues and organs and has essential functions such as feeling, secretion, excretion, and regulation of body temperature.

Moreover, it can also eliminate aging epithelial cells, improve skin respiration, promote the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, thereby increasing the nutritional supply of the skin. Leaves skin shiny and elastic It has been observed that regular facial health message can reduce skin wrinkles and make the facial skin rich, both bright and flexible, while also increasing the skin's defense function.

(6) Eliminate muscle fatigue and improve dynamic muscle function: Massage is an effective way to relieve muscle tension and spasm. It can directly relax muscles, eliminate muscle fatigue, promote muscle blood circulation, improve nutrient supply, increase muscle tension and contractility. Endurance and elasticity, enhance dynamic muscle function, play a role in relieving pain, growing muscles, preventing muscle atrophy, restoring muscle balance and normal physiological functions.

There are three aspects to the mechanism of relaxing muscles: 1. Strengthen local blood circulation, increase local tissue temperature; 2 appropriate massage stimulation, double the pain threshold of local tissue; 3 fully stretch the tension or muscles, relieve stress and eliminate pain.

In our daily life, we may not have a lot of time to do a message so that massagers can help us a lot. The massagers are cheap and easy to use anywhere you want except massager chair. Triducna is a professional massager supplier. We have all kinds of massagers can help you relieve neck pain, relieve foot pain, relieve back pain or relieve shoulder pain. Contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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